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Greetings in the name of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ and welcome to our website.
Here at Grace Tabernacle we understand that you have more than a few options when either physically visiting a place of worship or viewing a service online.
While no one church can be all things to all people, we feel that our Church at large and our worship service in particular has something to offer even the most casual of visitors to our church or our website. Grace Tabernacle is an ultra friendly Church. In fact, I can add that, Grace, as we affectionately refer to it, is arguably the friendliest church I have ever pastored in 30 years of ministry.
Moreover, we feel that you will agree with us that our music is inspirational and our preaching is timely and moving as well as thought-provoking and impeccably researched. Our service is designed to prepare you for the most important event in the history of planet earth – the second coming of Christ!
So, if you are ever in the area or merely searching for a worship service to view Sabbath morning, please stop by. We are convinced that, not only will you be spiritually fulfilled, but you will come back for seconds.
Sincerely yours,
Pastor Frank E. Legette III